Re: Chief Rabbi #unitedkingdom

Irina Fridman

My only comment is that Rev. Adler was not the only Rabbi in England in the
19th century. There were quite a few well established and prosperous
communities at the time with their own synagogues and residential rabbi
(some of them lived in the adjoined house). As for marriages at home, this
was quite a usual practice as well as having celebrations in a tavern (for
example in Kent, in Chatham I came across quite a few weddings taking place
either at home or in a local Inn). >from what I gather Victorians' customs
were exactly the same as ours - today's marriages also can be performed
either in a synagogue or in a house on in a restaurant or hotel. They did
not differ >from us that much.

Irina Shub, Chatham, UK

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