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<Does anyone know if [name changing] was done when one arrived/lived in the

Irrespective of the debate as to whether it ever happened on arrival in the
USA (and most agree that it didn't), it is very unlikely to have happened in
the UK as a result of any "official" action, simply because there was no
equivalent of the Ellis Island arrival documentation process and many people
must have just stepped off the boat into their new lives, using whatever
name they wished - either their original name or, if that proved too
cumbersome, an "Anglicised" name as they became more settled in their new
country. has a good account of the arrival process
and although there was a medical examination and the passengers were seen by
the Immigation Officer, this was more to ensure that they had somehere to go
on arrival.

Documentation seems to have been sparse or non-existent. Wouldn't we just
love to have access to the UK immigration records for our ancestors, if they
existed! The few ships' manifests etc that survive often frustratingly
contain phases such as "6 Jews" among the passengers, although I was
fortunate to find my 2 x gt-grandfather's Alien Landing Certificate from
1839 at the National Archives.

Interestingly I was talking to someone yesterday who told me that when he
was working abroad, he had to use a different name as his English name
sounded like an "inappropriate" word in the local dialect! So name changes
are still happening amongst those who go to live in a different country from
that of their birth - and for a variety of reasons.

Beverly Bergman
Camberley UK

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