Usvyat in the Vitebsk gubernia #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

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David Fox
Arnold, MD

Hi Mr. Fox,
I got your name and e-mail address >from the Long Island JGS
publication Lineage. I am trying to research my ggf who lived in Odessa
then emigrated to Palestine probably in the 1880's. His name was Ya'acov
USVIATSKY (transliteration, I've also seen it spelled Uswatska and
Yezratsky). It has been suggested to me that his name indicated that he
might have come >from a small town called Usvyat in the Vitebsk gubernia.
Have you ever heard of this name and do you have any suggestions for
researching it? I assume that the family was Hasidic as my gf described my
ggf (in his only meeting with him as a boy of 10), as " wearing the long
black robe and twisted robe belt of a rabbi" (although I do not know if the
family was actually rabbinic in origin). I'm sorry, but that is the only
information I have at this time.

Thank you for whatever help you can give me.


Judy Petersen

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