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I was hoping that I could get the following query posted?:


I am researching the various Jewish HART families of England in the late
1600's through about 1740.

Specifically, I am looking for the birth of one Levy Hart born c. 1705-1725.
He was apparently of German or Eastern European lineage according to the 37
marker DNA test I took - Haplogroup I1b2a3-continental3- P78, and possibly
Sephardic. (I had no close matches anywhere.) He went to New York City c.
1735 - 1745 where he was listed as a "New York Colony Merchant" on his
naturalization papers in 1763. He possibly had a brother Napthali who was
"sent home" >from NY about the same time. Levy Hart ended up in Colts Neck,
Shrewsbury Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He married Catherine
Applegate and ran a tavern there. His children were Rebecca, Catherine,
Jacob, Ebenezer, John and Naphtali. Levy died in 1775. By 1860, the entire
family moved to Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

One other clue. Levy Hart's constant companion in every instance I find him
from the 1750's through the 1770's in both NY and NJ, was a Jonas Solomon or
Solomons, who also married Levy Hart's wife's sister Hannah Applegate. One
of Jonas Solomons children was named Nebuchadnezzar.

Both Levy Hart's and Jonas Solomon's children were all born in the 1760's
and 70's in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Neither Levy Hart nor Jonas Solomon are listed in Malcolm Stern's "First
American Jewish Families", although the German/English Hart's and Solomon's
of the early 1700's appear to be thoroughly documented there.

Is there a way to check Bevis Marks births or those recorded at the Great
Synogogue of London for this period?

I could sure use some guidance."

Best regards,
Doug Hart

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