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Thank you Jakob Rosen for reminding me that this subject should also be of
interest to the jcr-uk readers. I had already alerted our Austria-Czech SIG.

The Kindertransport did not get underway until December 1938. The Quakers and
the Christian organisations had responsibility for the "non-Aryan Christians",
[what an unfortunate phrase!] and were allotted a third of the places. The rest
- ie the non-converted Jewish children - were selected by the Israelitische
Kultusgemeinde [IKG] Vienna.

It is a pity that many of you cannot read German because here is an article
about the commemoration which will take place at 11am at Westbahnhof, Vienna
this coming Friday 14 March 2008. There will be an unveiling of a bronze statue
in the main concourse for the Kindertransport that left Vienna for London from
this railway terminal via the Netherlands. The sculptress is Venezuelan-born
Flor Kent and the model for the child is Sam MORRIS, the great-grandson on one
of the original Kindertransport children:

A seven-year old boy sits on a single suitcase, the only piece of luggage the
children were allowed to take with them. Some of the children were as young as
three years old and most never saw their parents again.

Sam will be there together with his great-grandmother Sara SCHREIBER. Other
dignitaries present will be representatives of the British Embassy and the
Jewish community of Vienna as well as Austrian officials.

At Liverpool Station there is already a statue commemorating these events:

Celia Male [U.K.]

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