Jewish community in England 17-18th centuries #unitedkingdom

Irina Fridman

Dear Genners,

I'm conducting some research into the history of one of the Jewish communities. The records go as far as the end of the 18th century (1780s). However,... and these are the questions:

1. In one of the books of a local cathedral (dated 1681) is stated: "5s paid a jew turned Christian..." This is one of several entiries of the same nature. I dont know whether it was the same Jew or several. I cannot confirm either he resided locally or was just passing by and found himself in strenous circumstances, and therefore asked for help. I also remember reading in one of the well-known books on the subject (cannot recall the reference at the moment), that there were around 300 Jews, all based in London by 1690. Now, was there any Jewish charity at that time? What was the Church position on Jews at that time? How did he need to prove that he did convert? Could it be that the Cathedral was the only source available, and the only way to obtain some help would have been to "convert" (given to the fact that the only Jewish source for help was in London, for example)?

2. Would anyone confirm that Daniel Maccabeth a Low Country [cf. Holland/Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg] could have been a Jew (to me Maccabeth seems obviously Jewish, but I would like to hear another opinion)?

3. Could anyone tell me how Torah scrolls arrived to this country? How did they travel in general? Who was able to carry them in their travels? A Torah scroll in question is about 250 years old, and which originated in North Africa.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,
Irene Berson,

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