Re: Female "circumcision" #unitedkingdom

Wegner, Peter

A recent contributor wrote:
"All Jewish boys, with rare exceptions, are circumcised.
Muslim boys (and girls) are usually circumcised"

It is important to note that unlike Muslim boys, the girls are not automatically subjected to circumcision. Neither male nor male circumcision is mentioned in the Qur'an and neither is required by Shari'a law. In the case of boys, the practice rests purely on oral "hadith" accounts of Abraham circumcising his son Ishmael (traditionally perceived as the ancestor of the Arab people) as recorded in Gen. 17:25.

Female genital cutting is an ancient cultural phenomenon in many African (and some non-African) countries. The fact that it pre-dated by centuries the arrival of Islam in those countries is what makes it so hard to stamp out. Actually, the secular law codes of some Muslim countries (e.g. Egypt) prohibit female circumcision; but even so, it does persist in places where it was firmly entrenched long before Islam.

Judith Romney Wegner

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