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To answer your questions about my name query, I forgot to mention that my
mother had told me her father changed his name because he didn't like the
connotation of 'foot'. But it's a pleasant thought that it also means a
shining light. I never knew him - he died suddenly in his early 60s, a year
before my parents met.

==Noga is a fairly popular name for women in Israel. Its contemporary
(and historical) meaning is Venus (the planet). The glimmer/glitter
meaning is rarely seen outside of prayerbooks or hi-faluting poetry.

It is always a good idea to search jewishgen's shtettel database. I looked
up NOGA as a word beginner for locations in Eastern Europe. There are 24
entries, starting with:

Nogachevka, Ukraine;
Nogaevo/ NagaĆ¢??yeva, Russia;
Nogaisk/Primorskoye, Ukraine;
Nogale, Croatia
Nogale/Myza Nogale, Latvia

Each of these locations has a variety of spellings and variant names. I've
listed just two of each, separated by a dash.. Geographic sources are
among the most popular for Jewish surnames. When someone new
arrived in a town or village, he was soon known as Chaim Wiener,
Moshe Radom or Hanna Wiener, i.e. after his/her hometown.

That does not suggest that your grandfather was >from Venus.

Michael Bernet, New York

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