Jennie POSNER #unitedkingdom


Dear All,

I am having trouble tracing records of my great-aunt Jennie POSNER, daughter of Jacob POSNER and Mary or Esther DOBROWLSKI or DOBROULSKI . According to the 1901 census she is recorded as named Jane POSNER, aged 7 years old and born in Whitechapel. However I have not been able to find a Jane, Jennie or anything sounding similiar in the birth records. The only POSNER girl whose birth was registered in 1894 in Whitechapel is Minnie and that is not her. There is Leah POSNER who is registered in the following year in Whitechapel. The nearest older sibling was born in Whitechapel and the nearest younger sibling was born in St George in the East. I would be interested to hear >from anyone who might have any suggestions as to how to find her, what other name she might be listed under or even news of her descendants.

Best wishes,

Robin Altwarg
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Researching: ALTWARG (Brest, Belarus), DOBROULSKI or DOBROWLSKI (Poland), JACOBS (Sakiai, Lithuania), LEVIN or LEVY (Poland), MILYUNASKI or VILYUNASKI
(Marijampole, Lithuania), POMERANTZ (Brest, Belarus), POSENER (Poland), POSNER (Poland), WEINBERG (Poland).

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