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Richard Wolpoe writes:
I would be interested in information on my Father's Parents.
Chayim Chaykel (Hyman) Wolpof he migrated >from Minsk to Woodbine, NJ,
(courtesy of Baron de Hirsch) then Philadephia, PA then Brownsville/
Brooklyn, NY
///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\Richard and other new researchers,

Take your time exploring our site. We have a wide variety of databases
to *assist* you in your research. Remember that JewishGen (as an
organization) does *not* "do research"; we provide resources for you.
Have you looked at our JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)? Even if you don't
find anything now, someone else may find *you* next week. Have you tried
our ShtetlSeeker (JGSS)? Our newest database is the Family Tree of the
Jewish People (FTJP). I hope you also checked out some of the SIGs (Moderator: especially the Belarus SIG site:
<>); new ones are often getting started.
You can search any of our data bases at no charge.

Most of the general questions asked by newcomers to our site are answered
in the JewishGen FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), available at:
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obtain copies of the FAQ or other InfoFiles by e-mail, send an e-mail to:

We strongly recommend that all readers of the JewishGen Discussion Group
(Moderator: and the Belarus SIG Discussion Group)
and users of the other resources of JewishGen read the FAQ. Informed
contributors make the Discussion Group a more useful resource, and
knowledge of the information contained in the FAQ will help you in your
own research.

Steven Chall in Minneapolis, MN
for the JewishGen Support Team

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