looking for information about Ester Chana Schwartz who moved to London #unitedkingdom

Darren Dalcher <D.Dalcher@...>

I am trying to obtain more information for an elderly relative about her grandmother. Ester Chana (known as Annie) bas Shlomo (married name SCHWARTZ) died on December 24th 1952. She was buried in Edmonton (Plot S19). She was a member of the Machzikei Hadass Synagogue in the East End for most of her adult life, initially with husband Nechemia (Hyman) SCHWARTZ and continued to regularly attend services following his early death. After arriving in the UK in 1913, she lived at 96 Rothschild Buildings, E1. It appears she was born in Kiev although her husband is >from neighbouring Belaya Tserkov.

While she was poor herself, having lost her husband and three sons in early life, Ester Chana was a giving woman who spent all her money on helping others who might be more needy. Whenever either of her daughters gave her money, it immediately went to the poor. Every Shabbes she would open her doors to the community even through she had a very meagre income. It is said that when her funeral cort├Ęge stopped opposite the shul, the shul doors were opened out of respect for her generosity and her way of helping the community.

Her maiden name does not appear on her grave; nor does it appear on the register in the cemetery; Is there any other way of obtaining her maiden name?
Given that the couple married in Russia, is it likely that their synagogue membership in the UK contain any information about their marriage?
Is it likely that the her synagogue membership record (or her husband's) will say where she was >from and give her maiden name? Are the shul membership records available to researchers?

Any help would greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Professor Darren Dalcher
London, UK

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