Imperial War Graves Commission - Memorials to the Missing #unitedkingdom

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In case you missed this exceptional play, then I highly recommend it.
And yes, it does have Jewish relevance, which you will understand when you listen to it and hear Sir Edwin Lutyens' strong views:

I am sure most of you do not need reminding of the contribution Jews made to the Allied Forces in WW1/WW2: there are so many references and sources.
Here are just two:

My own father survived {by a whisker] the first World War in the RAMC, so to me the play was very moving and I needed my paper-tissue box.
I believe one of his London cousins was killed but I have still to find out who he was, how and where. What is so mysterious is that he told me that he was crucified in Abyssinia and that this was not so unusual in that era.

Listen again {BBC Radio 4} - Memorials to the Missing by Stephen Wyatt.
Thursday - 30 Oct 30 2008 day [45 minutes]

You have till Wednesday night [5th November 2008] to listen to it.

Celia Male London, U.K.

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