Hugo Gold's Book on Bohemia #austria-czech

Ruth Coman <ruth.coman@...>

I should be very interested to know if the chapters on Kolin, Kolodeje nad
Luznici (Kalladay) or Zatec(Saaz) >from Hugo Gold's book on Bohemia have been
or are being translated?

The AustriaCzech SIG Webmaster to whom I first addressed this question could
only confirm that no one has submitted translations for these towns to them
- but suggested that I ask SIG mailing list members too.

I would also be interested to know the process for getting chapters
translated and how the project is being run. I should be happy to offer my
help but am not clear where to direct this offer.

Ruth Coman
SALUS, Bohemia; SCHUESSLER,Bohemia,Wien; LOEWY, Kolodeje nad Luznici,Kolin;
FISCHER,Kolin; FRIED, Kolin, Praha; MELZER, Zatec; MOC,MOTZ, Bohemia

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