Austrian First Wolrd War Documents #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

Lorraine wrote:

Further to Fritz Neubauer's fascinating and informative posting about
bravery awards to Jewish Soldiers in the Austria-Hungarian Army who were
decorated in 1866,Fritz, do you know if similar summaries were published for
Jewish soldiers and officers who served in the Austrian Army during 1914-1918?

Both my late maternal step-Grandfathers, Dr. Josef Gold, born Wien 1894,
and Josef Zipper, born Wien 1890, served in the Austrian Army, and both
were awarded medals.

I would be very grateful to find out if there are any publicly available
information or databases online or other resources which could give me some
more information about bravery awards to Austrian WWI soldiers and the regiments
they served in and where they saw action.

Dear Lorraine,

I think the place most likely to have documents about these awards >from
the First World War is the Oesterreichisches Staatsarchiv (Kriegsarchiv)
= Austrian State Archives, war archive in Nottendorfer Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna
accessible through the web site

and the email address kapost@...

Good luck

Fritz Neubauer

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