Jacobs family London #unitedkingdom


I am researching the Jacobs family or London.

My grandmother was Esther Jacobs, she lived at 1021 Clark St Whitechapel, London.

Her family was father Morris Jacobs, mother Sarah Rifka (Spiegel) Jacobs,
brothers Harry, Jack and Max (Mark), sisters Bella (Bloomah), Edna (Yetta)
or Ettie) Kate and Leah.

On the 1901 census the address reads 21 Clark St. similar to the marriage
certificate, by a few numbers.

I also have an address >from the 1881 British census for a Morris Jacobs
residing at 191 Brick Lane Middlesex. Not sure that is the right Morris Jacobs.

Esther Jacobs married Harris Levy, on their wedding certificate the address
for Harris Levy was 1019 Clark St. Whitechapel. I guess they were neighbors.

They were married at the Great Synagogue in the district of WhiteChapel
on the 17th of June 1902. The witness' were Julius Marks for Harris and
I am assuming Morris Jacobs for Esther which was her father.

If any of this sounds familiar I would appreciate a response. I can also
list the Levy family if anyone is interested.

Thanks you

Roberta Eichenholz

Rockville, Maryland, USA


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