Location of a grave #unitedkingdom


I have been sent a copy of a photograph of a gravestone inscribed
"In loving memory of Solomon Vodderaper (known as Colman Fellerman)
Beloved husband of Jane
Who died 29th October 1925"

It was suggested to me that the grave might be in East Ham or Plashett cemetery but the United Synagogues have no record of it neither do the Federation.
Can anyone help me locate this grave or suggest how I might do so,please?

My great-grandfather was Solomon Fellerman and Coleman was his older brother.I am puzzled by the use of this alternative name which was used on a few documents by some,but not all of Coleman's family.They came >from Amsterdam where the name was Velleman.
I've found (>from the Central Bureau of Dutch Genealogy) a cutting,dated 1862, refering to Levie Izaak Vodderaper,also known as Vodderaper.This is possibly my g-g-grandfather but I need documentation to prove it.Are there any on-line Dutch bmd records?

I will be grateful for any help.Please reply privately.

Hilary Reid

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