Aida Schmidt #unitedkingdom

Traude Triebel

Dear All

Does anyone have any information on Aida or Eidle or Edith, Schmidt, born 24
May 1909 in Wiesbaden. I got information Aida went to England

Her mother was Haydee GRUENWALD, b. 4.July 1884 in Vienna. Haydees first
marriage was 1906 in Manchester U.K to the Austrian KLOO Ludwig (one son
Harold, b. 1907 also in Manchester)
After her divorce she married 1910 Franz SCHMIDT in Zoppot, now Poland
Haydee was murdered 31. March 1943 in Auschwitz

Thank you for your help

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr. Neustadt

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