Re: Query #unitedkingdom

Wegner, Peter

Professor Weizmann wrote:

"I am researching about Cecil Roth, the bright Scholar.
But I can not yet to find out his birth date.
About his brother Leo Roth I can not find out neither his birth nor death
date. Only the years.
Perhaps some of you could send to me the birth date of Cecil and the birth
and death date of Leo?"

I remember Professor Roth very well indeed >from my student days at Cambridge in the early 1950s. He came to lecture to the Cambridge University Jewish Society -- though at the time he was actually teaching at what we Cantabrigians always referred to disparagingly as "another place"! His dates are 1899-1970.

His brother's name, by the way was not "Leo" but "Leon." Leon's dates are 1896-1963.

Judith Romney Wegner

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