Leon and Cecil ROTH {was: Query} #unitedkingdom


Prof. A. Ch. F. Weizmann wrote I am researching Cecil ROTH .... but I
cannot yet to find out his birth date. About his brother Leo Roth I cannot
find out neither his birth nor death date. Only the years. Perhaps some of
you could send to me the birth date of Cecil and the birth and death date
of Leo?"

Cecil Roth was born on 5 March 1899 in Dalston, London. He was the
youngest of four sons - Leon was the third son. Cecil died in Jerusalem on
21 June 1970.

Leon was born on March 31 1896 in London and died in Wellington, NZ on
1 April 1963.

Like Judith Romney Wegner, I also knew Cecil Roth whilst I was an
undergraduate at Oxford and visited his Oxford home in the 1950s on a
number of occasions when I was invited to tea.

Just a reminder - please use meaningful subject lines so we can find your
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use to anyone!

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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