Paris burials #unitedkingdom


As a result of my first posting to this wonderful SIG I have obtained valuable
information concerning family in both France and Belgium. One birth certificate
I received stated that the father had died before the child was born. I now need
to find out the appropriate Paris cemetery.

Moise Aron SZPICZAK died 2nd May 1928 in the 12th arrondisement.
He was born 27 September 1886 in Bedzin, Poland.

I understand that burials in Paris would be in the "carré juif" of one of
the Paris cemeteries rather than a Jewish cemetery.

I wonder if someone can help me to locate the appropriate cemetery so that
I can visit his grave.


Barry Young
Researching families HABERMAN and SZCIPNIK, the wives were both nee FINER
from Poland
MODERATOR'S NOTE: its a bit outside our usual area but if someone can help
please answer privately

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