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Dear All

Simon/Samuel CORAK (Simcha son of Abraham Asher) was born
c.1840. His parents were Abraham and Helen nee MOSKIVITZ.

He was married to Nettie nee MARINOVITZ. Simon/Samuel went to the
U.S >from around 1870-1878 with two of their sons, born in England,
on some records, and London on others.
Joseph Meyer born c.1870 and Meyer/Myer/Michael/Morris born c.1866/7.
Not sure if Nettie went to the US as well. I?ve not been able to
find an accurate match for the births nor a death for Nettie.
There are no records of arrival using that name for any of them
to the U.S and Nettie is not mentioned in any U.S documents.
Simon?s origin is ?Russia? or ?Emperor Russia? based on 1890/1891
Naturalisations for Joe and Meyer. A witness, Ben WIGONGSKY/
WISHANSKY/WOCHANSKI states that he was >from the ?Czar of Russia?.
Another witness was Nathan ISAACS.

There is also mention of two females >from England, Betty born around
around 1872/3 and Rachel CORAK, born around 1875. Could be cousins
or siblings. Both were placed in Wards Island in NY.

There were members of this family that came to Australia.
I?ve looked in the Australian Archives, but they mainly seem to
be Yugoslav, Austrian and Italian. There are 10 x CORAK?s in
the White Pages living in NSW, WA, SA and Vic.

I?ve found an Engagement notice for a SMITH and CORAK in
Adelaide, 1918, and mention of a COREK GROUP in Brisbane, 1899.

The surname has also been spelt as CORACK, KOREK, KORECK

Do any of these names sound familiar? Please contact me
on a1steve@...

Many thanks
Naomi Ogin

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