Rabbis in Belarus #belarus

E.Doberstein <edoberst@...>

After finally discovering the names of my maternal Grandparents, from
Svarycewicze,[near Pinsk], Belarus. I have been unable to go back any
further. My Mother said that her Grandfather was a Rabbi, but not which
Grandfather ! Her parents' names were : Shaindle MODACK and Isaac DRYZUN.My
question to the group is : Does anyone know of a book , or list of Rabbis
in Belarus, covering the time-period
1850-1920 ?

Evelyn Doberstein
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

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MODERATOR NOTE: About a month ago, someone posted a message about a book
of Rabbis >from Russia. Check out the SIG message archives. Also check
out <http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/deych.htm>, Jewish Religious
Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854. There were two people listed
with the name DREIZIN. This database is linked on the Belarus SIG website
as well as the JewishGen website. Both sites have valuable information
in help researchers and I urge those of you who haven't explored the
various links to those sites to do so at once.

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