Re: Rabbis in Belarus #belarus

kudish <kudish@...>

Evelyn Doberstein wrote:
My question to the group is : Does anyone know of a book , or list of
Rabbis in Belarus, covering the time-period 1850-1920?

Dear Evelyn
I am holding a book LATTER DAY LEADERS SAGES AND SCHOLARS, it is a
bibliographical Index. I was trying to find both of your ancestors by their
surname or first name. The result is none. If you know the town they lived
I'll be able to tell you who was the Rabbi there at that time. They probably
were not associated with the major synagogue and that is why they are not
mentioned there. But if you know the town and I find the Rabbi you'll have a
chance to continue your search through some other sources.


Looking for Libkind (Gorky, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Ekaterinoslav)

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