RZEZSEWSKI/HARRIS/ROBERTS, BINKOWSKI, Kolo, Poland, and London #unitedkingdom


I'm seeking information on descendants of Szmul Hertz RZESZEWSKI and his wife
Bluma/Blime/Blume/Bloomah nee BINKOWSKI (both born c 1842 in Kolo, Kalisz Gubernia. Iâ??ve found this couple in the passenger list for the ship Northenden >from Hamburg to Grimsby in 1902 when they were accompanied by their daughters Bajla and Chana and son Falek. The next sighting is at 18 Cleveland Street, St Pancras, where the widowed Bloomah is living as Blume HARRIS with daughters Bertha and Annie, dressmakers, and son Phil, a compositor, and a Harry Woolf, age 23, a hairdresser >from Poland who is described as 'cousin'. Bloomahâ??s death in 1914 at 18 Cleveland St was registered by her son â??A Rzeszewskiâ??, whom I take to be her first child, Abram, b Kolo, 1865 (found living as Adolf Rzeszewski in 1901, a hairdresser at 535 Battersea Park Road, with wife Sarah, and as Adolf ROBERTS, same address, in 1911).

I'd be very grateful for information on these people and their descendants, and
am happy to share all information that I hold.

Thank you.

Mary Sayers,

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