GUZMAN, GERMAN from Mozyr - Need Yiddish Translation #belarus


Hello to everyone!
I am researching GUZMAN and GERMAN families. My paternal grand-grandfather
Moyshe-Mordhe GUZMAN and his wife Broha GERMAN (she was >from Mozyr, Belarus)
had the following children: Abram-Leyb (my grandfather), Sender, Pinkhus,
Aron-Girsh, Basheva, Rahil, and Isaak-Chaim. They all were born in 1882-1901
in Narovlya, Belarus. All men had their last name GUZMAN, and two girls
accepted their mother's last name GERMAN. In 1920-s Moyshe-Mordhe, Broha and
Basheva with her husband (last name HARRIS) moved to Chicago. Family lost
contact with them in the late 1930-s. Recently, I received a copy of their
picture >from Moscow (our Moscow relatives received this picture >from Chicago
in 1931). There are several lines in Yiddish on the back of this photo, and
two lines in Russian. Although I can read Russian (the lines stated "July 17,
1930, Chicago"), I cannot read Yiddish. Can somebody help me with this
translation? I have it in *.jpg format, but I can easily convert it to any
other format. I would appreciate your help very much.

Leonid GUZMAN,
Baltimore, MD

(Narovlya, Mozyr - Belarus; Gritsev, Lubar, Kiev - Ukraine; Bendery - Moldova;
Riga - Latvia; Moscow - Russia)

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