TAYLOR in Leeds #unitedkingdom


Dear all,

After many years of brick walls, I have located additional information
about my grandfather's youngest brother - Alick JOSEPH (was Kuczynski),
who seemed to have disappeared after the 1901 census.

Alick JOSEPH and Ada SAPERIA were married in 1908 in Louis Street
Synagogue, Louis St., Leeds.

They had one daughter - Victoriah Leah JOSEPH, born in 1908 or 1909.
Alick died on 31 May 1912 in 15 Badminton St., Leeds.

Victoria Leah JOSEPH married Maurice TAYLOR on 20th August 1933 in New
Central Synagogue, Leeds, Yorkshire.

If anyone has specific knowledge of this TAYLOR couple or any other
Jewish TAYLOR families with long roots in Leeds and originated >from
Russia/Poland, please contact me.

Also, please note that I am not asking about Jewish tailors in Leeds, I
know there were many of those, including my family members! (wink)

I have sent a similar posting for publication in the Jewish Telegraph's
Roots but this is such a resourceful group which leads me to believe I
may have more success here.

I would also be interested in Alick's cause of death if anyone can help
with that.

Many thanks, in advance.

Jonny Joseph
Los Angeles, CA

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