Military Regimental Archives #unitedkingdom


I suggest that Chris Gould just plug in the name of the regiment he wants
into his online search engine and he will find loads of references. For
instance, the Royal Fusiliers has a Museum which is listed in the National

There are several individuals mentioned therein that he contact including
the Regimental Secretary and the Honorary Archivist.

There are also quite a number of references to books and other resources

A very helpful site, The Long, Long Trail, is devoted to the British Army
that fought in the Great War (World War I). An example is the link to the
Royal Fusiliers:

This site lists the 47 battalions of the regiment and where they fought.

Another short resource is my recent posting on The Jewish Chronicle Blog, This
gives some resources I utilized whilst doing some military research.

Ann Rabinowitz
United States

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