Great War regiments #unitedkingdom


As a general rule, historical personnel archives are held at TNA (The National
Archives) at Kew. Regimental archives may well be held at the regimental
Headquarters or Museum - but will be more about the regiment in general than the

individual members (though there may be names of those who happened to do
something noticeable, or be an example of something that was being recorded).

Here are some potentially useful links: (This has both a knowledgeable forum and a
lot of general information and it comes highly recommended, in my experience)
I believe that this next one is a semi-commercial link (i.e. lots of free stuff,

but the web-holder is a commercial reseacher): (I have heard only good reports
about the quality of this man's research, knowledgeability and integrity, though

I have no personal experience of his work)

Mary Benedict
SW Herts, UK

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