DUBNIKOFF and ROBERT #unitedkingdom


Dear genners,

I am looking for informations about family ROBERT in UK.
My great grand father Boris DOUBNIKOFF had a nephew, Robert DOUBNIKOFF
who maried in Paris in 1900 Jeanne SCHANDALOW.
They lived after that in London, Robert, also Leon, changed his name in 1938
in JACOBSON. But I have others documents wher he appears as Léon or Robert ROBERT!
He had three children:
-Edward born in 1902,Bertha born in 1904 and Marcel born in 1913.
On births certificates, their name is JACOBSON.
Robert ROBERT had two clothes'shops, one 134 Regent Street, "de la Roche" ,
the other,79 Brompton road,"ROBERT,maison de Paris".

The last informations i have are a marriage's certificate of his son Marcel
ROBERT with Valérie Monique WINOGRAD; adress is 50 Hans Crescent S.W.1 in West
London Synagogue ,district of ST Marylebone.
There is also a commercial chronicle in 1964 where Edward ROBERT, Marcel ROBERT
and Betty CHEVALLIER ( i think it is Bertha) signed.

Do thes names or adress sounds for you?
ROBERT is a commun name and it is difficult to choose what certificate order.
I thought i had a certificate for Bertha, but it is a mistake.
It is a marriage certificate Bertha JACOBSON/Nakifor RIANTZEFF in presence of E.C
If someone is relative with these persons, i can send it.

Any informations about ROBERT family wellcomme.

Saint-Brieuc- FRANCE

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