Looking for information on BOGDADLY,BENTLEY & HASSINE history #unitedkingdom


Hi all.

1st time here and I hope to get almost any information for my Mother's
side of the Family.

Scant information and no-one left to ask.Story as related so far.

My Great grandfather came to Leeds UK >from Poland, Changed his name to
John BENTLEY and eventually joined the army. Made a sergeant and
posted to India in 1914. Injured he was invalided to Baghdad where he
"faked amnesia" and went to Cairo.
Changed name to BOGDADLY and married an unnamed Turkishh woman and had 5 sons.
My Grandfather was 1 of the brothers Clement BOGDADLY and he married
an Italian catholic (Angela?) >from Lucca / Livorno /Tuscany. He was a
Jeweller or Bookmaker .

The family fled to Cairo after being hunted by Black shirts in
Florence.Lost all money under Nasser and my mother and her half
sister Betty ( born daughter of French Jewess >from Avignon?) lived in
Moascar labour camp ( now Stateless) >from where they both married
Britishh service men and later moved to UK.

An unnamed brother of Clement BOGDADLY had 2 children that we are
aware of , Simone BOGDADLY ( who married a Moroccan last name HASSINE)
(she worked for a big department in Tel Aviv and Raymond BOGDADLY who
married an unknown Israeli woman and has 2 boys and 1 girl ( he worked
for EL AL )( He may have changed hid name to Avissar BENTAL). Other
known relatives are named as Leon ( no details) and Teddy ( who also
worked for EL AL).

I hope this is posted correctly and I thank you for reading.

Paul Cooke


please reply either through email or the group.



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