Property/Tax Records #unitedkingdom

Michael Waas


I attempted to look through the discussion group archives to no avail
so I posit this question to you all:

Is there a way to look up property and or tax records for a specific
address? I am interested in the history of the address 3 Mulberry St.
in the Whitechapel area. On the 1901 census, a man who I believe to my
g-g-g grandfather Morris Parnes and his daughter Betsy (who may or may
not a daughter) are living at 3 Mulberry. On the 1902 address book, my
g-g grandfather Marks Parnes is listed at his address of 24 Plumbers
Row but also at 3 Mulberry St.

Now, I know that Mulberry and Plumbers Row are right next to one
another. So if there is a way to look up property and or tax records
for an address, what information may I expect to find, if any? I
assume that there wouldn't be issues of privacy since the records
would be over 100 years old at this point.


Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

RESEARCHING: Parnes, Brief, Speigel, Levinson, Maltianer (London)

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