Moritz SPRONZ remembered - Breuers of the Judenrat, Vienna, contd #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

On 27th December I wrote: <As well as Moritz, his card survives... Not
surprisingly Moritz was never reunited with his postcard. His family .... may
have no idea of its existence, especially as it is indexed under SPRONR! So
here's a 2005 challenge to our SIG. If you can find Moritz SPRONZ's family you
could alert them to his historic card. This ... research ... is miraculously
possible as a result of the internet.>

Well here is the first miracle of 2005; we have found Moritz SPRONZ's grandson.
His name is Steven SPRONZ and he lives in LA. He has given me permission to
submit this posting. Steven had no idea of the existence of this card written
by his beloved "Papa" to the BREUERs of the Judenrat in Vienna [who to Steven's
knowledge, Papa never mentioned after the war] whilst he was incarcerated in

Given the fact that the postcard contained a preprinted statement of thanks,
with only the name of the sender of the package and the signature of the inmate
to be filled in, Steven concludes that the Theresienstadt inmates might have
been *encouraged* by the camp authorities to write such postcards, thus
perpetuating the illusion of the purported paradise ghetto. Moreover, writing
the postcard does not prove that the signer ever received any package.

The testimonial for "SPRONZ" at Yad Vashem was posted by the niece of Moritz
SPRONZ; she was born and raised in Slovakia (Poesen). If you look at the SSDI
index you will see the Moritz SPRONZ [born Verbo, 24 Nov 1887] died in Seaford,
Nassau County, NY in June 1976 -so after his terrible ordeal, he happily had a
long life ahead of him.

And another interesting point is revealed if you search the internet. Steven
himself wrote: It appears that instead of coming out of the caves in Slovakia,
the Spronz family - originally Speranza - hails >from Italy, probably the southern
area near Naples ...

I hope that there are many more exciting discoveries to come in 2005.

Celia Male [UK]

PS: If anyone wishes to know more about Moritz SPRONZ's ordeal in Theresienstadt,
please write to me privately.

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