Salomon and Pauline Horn of Stampfen, Pressburg and Vienna #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Here is a wonderful example of how a document being
sold on the internet this week, can give us
genealogical clues. The mystery to me is how it got

The handwritten document dated, according to the
auction site, 28 June 1837 and signed by Rabbi Lasar
WINTER of Stampfen states that according to law, the
announcement of the forthcoming marriage between
Salomon HORN {son of Hirschel HORN of Stampfen in
Hungary} and Pauline MAYER {daughter of Albert MAYER
of Pressburg} has been made three times and may now
take place. Furthermore it tells us that Salomon is
living in Vienna but is "zustanding" ie legally
resident, in Stampfen Pressburg, as is his father

And here we can see the couple buried in Vienna after
about 36 years of marriage: ZENTRALFRIEDHOF I. TOR 19
10 73

Horn Pauline aged 74 - date of death 16.03.1908
Horn Salomon aged 67 - date of death 04.06.1893

I have looked at the document and I believe it is
actually dated 1857 [or perhaps 1853?] and has been
misread - however it is hard to read as the
magnification is not large enough.

I have also checked the SIG message archives and found
one reference to HORN in this area. There are more
than 30 HORN >from Austria murdered in the holocaust -
I have not been able to check if any were
grandchildren of Salomon and Pauline.

This Austrian [Viennese?] married couple with asset
files in 1938, could be the son and daughter-in-law of
Salomon [nb the name Hermann equivalent to Hersch],
but I have no proof.

Horn Hermann dob 1869-01-25
Horn Jeanette dob 1872-08-14

With this marriage banns document, we can stride
backwards more than two hundred years with the click
of the mouse - >from the internet in 2006 to ca 1800
when the parents of Pauline and Salomon were born,
probably in Pressburg/Stampfen. Magic!

With grateful thanks to Eric Elias of London who
always keeps me up to date.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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