Missing Simon LEVY #unitedkingdom


My wife's  grandfather's brother Simon LEVY born c 1974/5 in Hull was the son of
Beryl Leib Levy (David Levy} on 1881 census. The family was in in Whitechapel in
1991 and Simon LEVY then aged 16 was present when his father died in tragic
circumstances that year. Nothing further is known and all reference to him seems
to have been wiped >from the family memory. Simon Levy's oldest brother lived
within an extended family until 1956 Unfortunately my research commenced after
the death of Simon's brother ( my wife's grandfather ) so I was never able to
question him.
There too many possible Simon Levy marriages c 1900 to pursue by obtaining
copies of certicates and the appeal to group for assistance is my last resort.

Advice and information welcomed.
Aubrey Jacobus

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