Further to my e-mail offering a photo of Johnny Isaacs' family fish'n'chip shop #unitedkingdom

Raymond Montanjees

Dear Membership,

Thank you to those who have shown an interest in this well known
Whitechapel establishment.

A couple of members brought up the subject of "Tubby Isaacs" to whom I
replied that said "Tubby I" was only a trade name - there never was such a
proprietor. The real proprietor was a man with the surname "BENJAMIN" - BUT,
it appears that I have been mis-informed along with others who have also
heard this story. Tubby I's real name evidently was Isaac BRENNER.

Read the write up and look at the photos on this site.

Tubby Isaacâ??s Jellied Eel Stall, Aldgate | Spitalfields Life



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