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Interesting questions. Reading the Great Synagogue Marriage Registers
(Lewin) it seems that the marriage of 22 March 1807 was of Isaac SCHABRACQ
to Catherine Solomons (note the final S) whose Hebrew name was Hilla b

It would be interesting to know when Isaac died. Are you sure that "Saartje
Salomon" who died 1822 at the age of 76 is the same as Catherine Solomons?
Seems a very strange name change even allowing for translation

As to Hannah Hartog, according to Lewin, her Hebrew name was Hindela b.
Friedman Cohen and she married Hyman de Jonge on 22nd May 1791.

I assume that both these brides, Catherine and Hannah, were English and
their husbands Dutch but it would be interesting to find some more evidence.


Martyn Woolf

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Question about the naming of the bride.

Marriage of Dutch couple
22 Mar 1807 Isaac Schalraig, fathers Hebrew name Hirsh SGL and Catherine
Solomon, Hebrew name Chalah, fathers Hebrew name Shlomeh.

Schalraig must be an understandable transcription error, the name was
Schabracq (not a very common name in the Netherlands either). Isaac must
have been around 70 yrs old.
Isaacs widow "Saartje Salomon" died in 1822, 76 yrs old. Saartje is the
Dutch diminutive of Sara.

Can Catherine and Saartje be the same person?
I don't know the name Chalah, and I am confused about the name Catherine.
Could it have been a misunderstanding, the name Chalah (maybe
Chaiah/Chaya?) translated to Catherine because Saartje wasn't a known name
in England?

I am sure that happened before: in 1791 a Hannah Hartog married, Jewish name
Hendela. The name she used (in Holland) was Hendrina, sometimes Hendelina,
never Hanna or Anna (both common in the Netherlands).

Loes Buisman

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