Roots and rememberance trip to Belarus #belarus


My cousin, Kopel Kolpanitsky is planning another Roots and Remembrance trip
to Belarus this summer. (See article in Belarus SIG Newsletter #2 entitled "A
Visit to Belarus-The Circle is Complete" by Larry Gaum which mentions Kopel
as the tour leader and guide) the trip is presently scheduled to run >from
July 14 through July 21. He will be bringing a group >from Tel Aviv to Minsk.
Other interested people will meet the group in Minsk. >from Minsk they will
board a chartered bus and go to Luninets where they will stay for the week.
from there they will take day trips, visiting the various memorial sites,
cemeteries and other sites of interest. The towns that they are presently
scheduled to visit include Luninets, Lachva, Lenin, Cholinets, Kazan-Gorodok
and Mikochevits and perhaps some others depending on the interest of the
group. The towns are approximately 50 miles east of Pinsk. He will also
arrange a meeting with local officials, viewing a local museum in Lenin and
all meals and entertainment while in the Luninets-Lenin area.
Kopel is a survivor of the Lachva Ghetto uprising and fought as a partisan in
WWII. He has taken groups back for the last nine years. This will probably
be his last group trip. The trip is run on a break even basis.
Anyone interested in the trip contact me privately for more details. I have
no financial interest in the trip.

Researching: KOLPANITSKY, GOLUB, SLUTSKY, KUSHNET in Lenin, Cholinets,
Pusits, Slutsk, Kolpanichi, Baronivits, Belarus. KLETSKY in Minsk, Kletsk,
Belarus, and Bialystok, Poland. GOLD in Bialystok, Poland.

Sanford A. Kaplan
Newton, MA USA

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