Re: The name Orzsike


names don't exist in a vacuum - where (and when) is the record from?

you could check the jewishgen given names database. and in case there's any question of transcription, you might also post it (as original as possible) on viewmate.

it sounds like "erzsike", which is a diminutive of erzs├ębet, if you're mistaking a more elaborate "e" for an "o" with an umlaut.

....... tom klein, toronto

<mailto:amitna87@...?subject=Re:%20The%20name%20Orzsike>Amit N wrote:

Thanks to Judy Petersen, I have found a death notice for one of my
great-great-great grandfathers. One of the names signed as mourners is
Orzsike (the O has Umlaut).
What name this could refer to? It is obviously a nickname. Could it be Erzsebet?

Thank you very much,
Amit Naor

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