Recognize them? Trying to identify and/or locate these people or descendants #unitedkingdom

Madeleine Isenberg

This is my first contact with your SIG,

This is a photo I believe to be around 1947, when I was the
"bridesmaid" in the photo. The couple, to the best of my knowledge,
is a young (Polish? and) Jewish woman who was orphaned during WW II.
My late mother would tell me that such orphans could sometimes be
sponsored to come to England to work as domestics, probably after WW

Accordingly, her parents (my grandparents, Annie and Israel SACKS)
sponsored her. I believe her name was Rosie Pearl, although I don't
know the correct spelling of that family name. She married "Jack" who
was a butcher at SCHLAGMAN's the Butcher's on Oldhill Street, near
Stamford Hill in London, UK. Not sure if he was actually part of the
Schlagman family. If they are still alive, they may be in their

As a child I was always curious about Jack having an indentation at
the top of his forehead, as if a bullet might have once gotten lodged
there. That is a distinctive identifying mark!

I have tried unsuccessfully to see if the archives of the Jewish
Chronicle might help, but not with the information I have provided

I would love to identify these people and/or find out what happened to
them since my family immigrated to the USA in 1951.

I hope someone will be able to recognize them and provide information.
I have posted the photo on Viewmate as

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thanks in advance,

Madeleine (nee Goldstein) Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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