Where is Kadino, Mogilev Guberniya? #belarus

Risa E Heywood <risah@...>

I found a listing for my family in the database of Jewish Religious
Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854. The listing is for BORISOV,
Berl, mgl086 (Mogilev Guberniya) and the town is Kadino. As far as I know,
the BORISOVS were >from the Gomel area. I cannot find a match in WOWW or
Shtetlseeker for a town called Kadino in Mogilev. Does anyone know what
this town is called today? Or, does anyone have access to the book,
Sinagogi, Molitvenne Doma i Sostoyashchie pri nikh Dolzhnostne Litsa v
Cherte Evreiskoi Osedlosti i Guberniyakh Kurlyandskoi i Liflyandskoi
Rossiiskoi Imperii 1853-1854 [Synagogues, Prayer Houses and their Employees
in the Pale of Settlement and Kurland and Livonia provinces of the Russian
Empire, 1853-1854], by Prof. Genrich M. Deych and can look at the entry

Thank you,

Risa Heywood
Louisville, CO

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