RADISHKONSKI in London 1873-1884 #unitedkingdom

Linda Caciola

Hi All-

I have the birth and/or death information for the following:

Fanny Radishkonski b. March 1873
Joseph " b. March 30, 1874- d. 1875
Ezekiel/Ascol " b. 1875- d. Sept 1876
Deborah " b. 1878- d. 1878
Jacob " b. 1879
Davis " b. March 1880 - d. March 1880
Abraham " b. Sept 12, 1884

They were all born/died in Mile End, Old Town, London, England

Their parents were David Aron RADISHKONSKI and Basza Lea AVENSTEIN.
They were married on December 14, 1865 in Mariampole.

I have looked in all England census records and can not find any of them.

Does anyone know this family? Did they change their name? Did the
leave England after 1884?

Thanks in advance for any leads on this family.

Linda Thorpe Caciola
Florida, USA

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