Ann Rabinowitz

Today, I received an inquiry >from Carole Davies from
Leeds about a posting I made to JewishGen in 1996 as follows:

Anyone having any info on the FRIEZE or GOLDSTEIN families who came from
Kudirkos Naumiestis (formerly Vlodislovov) or Sakiai (formerly Szaki) in
Suwalki Guberniya now Lithuania , please let me know. I am posting this
for someone who is not on the Internet.

Immediately, I was struck by what an historical matter this was as the posting
contained the first email address I ever had with Prodigy which no longer
exists. It was typed on one of the first computers I ever had which was
a second hand one that had been given to me by a friend >from work.

The computer had been the result of research accomplished by genealogy's
very own brilliant Stephen P. Morse, the father of the 8086
processor. I remember that the computer finally crashed forever
and I lost all of my e-mails and therefore anything relating to the posting.
I did not have Family Tree Maker genealogy software back then either or I
could have turned to it for help in responding to Carole Davies inquiry.

It reminded me how many people back then were not on the Internet and
depended on family and friends to assist them in posting their inquiries
to JewishGen. Now, the rules of JewishGen Moderators do not allow posting
for others. I can see why as the name of the person who really wanted the
information is not provided in my posting and therefore will remain a
mystery after all of these years.

In those years, I often posted for Holocaust survivors who were searching
for their families >from Lithuania and wanted to reconnect . . . perhaps this
posting was for one of them. The posting was made in March, 1996, which
was just after I would have attended the Annual Litvisher Luncheon, an event
which Holocaust survivors >from Lithuania attended in great numbers and which
no longer occurs.

In addition, as I type this posting, I will add the LitvakSIG digest to the
recipients as this will direct the information to individuals, who most
likely will have an interest in the shtetls and families >from there mentioned
in the posting of so long ago.

So, Carole Davies, daviescarole@sky.com, I am sorry I cannot help you this
time, but perhaps since the world of genealogy has enlarged so much since
1996 you will get an answer to your inquiry and someone will respond to this

Good luck!!!

Ann Rabinowitz

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