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Allen Dryer

Dear Daniel,

Finding a UK marriage (or birth or death) record (>from 1837 on) is a
two step process:

1) Search the index of Birth, Marriage and Death records of the UK
General Records Office (GRO) at for the
district, volume and page number of the GRO Index Reference Number of
the relevant entry.

In this case, you already know the district is Whitehall, which helps
confirm that you have found the correct result when you search for the
marriage of Philip Smith in 1915 and find
Smith Philip Lefkovitz Whitechapel 1c 781
Click on the page number (781) for more details: and this will confirm that this is the
index record for Philip Smith and Annie Lefkovitz's marriage.

2) To request a copy of the actual record in the marriage registry,
contact the General Records Office certificate ordering service:

You will need to create a (free) account, then select the record type
you are requesting (in this case, Marriage Certificate (England &
Wales) and indicate that you know the GRO Index Reference Number) and
year and then fill in the request form providing the required location
of the record, in this case, district: Whitechapel, volume: 1c, page:
781. You will be required to pay for the copying of the record and it
will be mailed to you. Standard delivery cost currently is £9.25 per

Allen Dryer

Researching DRYER, DRAJER, BROMBERG, (London, UK, and Gr=C3=B3jec, Poland),
LUTZES (London, Ukraine), ROTHMAN/ROCKMAN (London, UK)

Subject: marriage certificate, whitechapel
From: vangheluwe.smietan@...
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 12:28:11 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Genners,

I would obtain the marriage certificate of Philip Smith and Annie Lefkovitz,
Whitechapel, London, December 1915. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks

Daniel Vangheluwe,
Sotteville_les_Rouen FRANCE

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