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Webmaster JCR-UK

To commemorate his 92nd Birthday last Friday, Harold Pollins has
provided JCR-UK with yet a further superbly researched and annotated
article, this time on the "Jews of Dewsbury" (which can be viewed at

Harold has also considerably expanded his extracts of press reports
relating to the Dewsbury Jewish Community. These can be viewed at
The document now contains nearly 150 separate press extracts >from 1885 to 2005.
JCR-UK now includes extracts of press reports for over 70 different
communities, throughout the UK, all extracted and compiled by Harold.

Another extremely interesting article recently provided by Harold and
posted to JCR-UK is "Herbert Martin James Loewe in Oxford" (which can
be viewed at,
which is part of his Oxford series of articles and which was first
published in the Jewish Journal of Sociology.

We wish Harold a (slightly belated) very happy birthday and again
thank Harold for all his contributions to JCR-UK over the years. We
look forward to receiving many more articles >from him.

Do you have any data or material on any Jewish community or
congregation, past or present, anywhere in the British Isles? These
may take the form of, for example, corrections or updates to existing
material; photographs; articles and histories; copies of press
reports; personal reminisces; copies of brochures or other communal
publications or pamphlets, useful links or publications; lists of
ministers, communal officers or members. Almost anything goes that may
be of interest to present day or future researchers. If you have items
of this nature that you would like to see preserved for posterity on
the JCR-UK website, please contacts me at the email below.


David Shulman
Webmaster JCR-UK
Ra'anana, Israel

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