Re: my gggrandfather -an enigma? Adenda #austria-czech


I stand corrected by Randol Schoenberg. I stated in my posting yesterday
" But it was impossible , at the beggining of the 19th century, that a
Jewish father, who was still alive, should call his son by his own name"..
As Randol is showing in his posting there are cases when father and son had
the same first name. It was possible but very unusual among Ashkenazi Jews.
Bear in maind that Juda REDLICH was married at the beggining of the 19th
and his son was born a few years later, while Joseph FEITLER married cca
Juda was brougt up by a Rabbi,and he remained religious, therefore he
would not call his son by his own name.

My maternal grandfather was Tsvi Herman FUCHS and Juda REDLICH was the
grandfather of my gandmother, Ernestine ( Esther ) FUCHS, nee REDLICH, from
Bisenz. She was my grandfather's second wife, an one-time pupil of his. She
told her oldest son, Dr. David Rafael FUCHS. headmaster of the Jewish highschool
in Budapest a linguist and member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, all she
knew about the family history.

Best wishes,
Tsvi Sinai, Israel

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