new genealogy ebook on JGSGB #unitedkingdom

Arlene Beare

I have updated my Guide to Jewish genealogy in Latvia and Estonia and it
is now in ebook format. I must stress that this will be of use to
researchers not only >from Latvia and Estonia but elsewhere in Eastern Europe. =
There is a brief chapter on Sources in the UK and with one click you can
go to the National Archives. I have a brief Introduction to Genetic
Genealogy and one on Social Media with links to sites with a more detailed
This is the first ebook published by JGSGB (Jewish Genealogical Society
Great Britain), who will benefit >from the sales. There are a few copies
in print format but we wanted it to be mainly published as an ebook.
The second edition of my Book was in 2006 and many telephone numbers and
addresses of Archives have changed as well as Internet sites and email
addresses which means that the second edition is now out of date.
These have all been updated. There is information on Passports both
Internal and External.
The book contains the excellent chapter written by Nick Evans on Emigration
detailing how our Ancestors got to other Countries >from Latvia always
remembering that many Lithuanians may also have sailed >from Libau now


The book is listed under featured publications and you can buy it for £5.00.
You will receive am email giving you a username and password to access the
site in the future and another email with download details. The book is in
pdf format and easily navigable.

Arlene Beare UK

On my mother's side >from Lithuania and then Latvia Dorfman (born Birzai
Lithuania and then lived in Riga) Scher/Blum(born Pandelys Lithuania =
then lived in Riga) Berman (born Lygumai Lithuania and then lived in
Jekabpils Latvia)

On my father's side >from Poland
Samuels - Benjamin and brother Joseph
Poland possibly Krakow and Zychlin

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