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On 15 January 2006 Peter Zimmer writes regarding child burials in the mid
19th c.: "I know the cemeteries where they most likely would be buried but
have so far
not been able to locate their graves nor could I find any of them in burial
lists." I can only speak >from a single experience of a visit to a rural
cemetery in October 2005. A small section was allocated to child burials and
contained five or six tombstones dated approximately >from the 1880s -1910s.
One tombstone (more than half a metre in height) had a relatively large,
inset inscription giving name, and below the name, the location and exact
dates of birth and death. The other tombstones were more modest. My guide
noted that the larger tombstone and relatively elaborate inscription (even
the tombstone was artistically shaped) was unusual and indicated a family of
means or a great will to honour at the gravesite. It is conceivable that a
meticulous effort to remove a thin layer of earth in the area of the
children's plots might reveal small tombstones placed horizontally on the
ground but one would have to consult with experts as to whether this type of
placement was customary.

If the cemetery has a custodian, information, including lists about
children's areas, may be obtained >from him. An alternative, but not
promising option, is to contact "Matana" in Prague. They may have
unpublished booklets on some of the cemeteries for which you want
information. I obtained such a booklet but can't be certain whether there is
a reference to a children's section because of my lack of knowledge of the
Czech language. However, there is no list of names of those buried in the
children's section. These booklets appear to have historical and
architectural content and many (I would be very curious to know from
"Matana" how many were written) were written in the early 1990s.

Paul King

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