An addition to the June Reminder notice. JGSGB Brighton Group - Summer Meeting #unitedkingdom

Raymond Montanjees

Dear Membership - a date for your diary. =20

There will be a meeting with JGS' youngest ever speaker at the lecturn on=
Sunday 25th June. (2.30-5:30 pm)=20
Council Member Daniel Morgan-Thomas' will give a talk entitled, " Bringin=
the Bashes back to Brighton - getting the most >from JGSGB "

There will be a break for refreshment followed by ' Local initiatives:=20
recovering the history of Brighton=E2=80=99s Jewish community ' plus an=
' Ask and=20
Share ' session: Bring your questions and share your experience.

Location : Brighton Junction Friends Centre. Isetta Square, 35 New Englan=
Street, Brighton BN1 4GQ=20
Easy access >from Brighton Station, car parking nearby. Local map with=20
access information will be sent on request.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in Jewish Family History;=20
JGSGB Members free, non-Members =C2=A33

If you intend coming, or have any queries, please contact Michael Shade:=

Please support this new Regional Group. Thank you.


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