Re: uncle buried in Plashett cemetary #unitedkingdom

Tim Homewood

Hi Michael, as Annie said, you can search the burial records online,
on the United Synagogue website

I had a quick look and couldn't find a record matching the names and
dates. The trick with this search is you have to get the spelling
exactly right (no wildcards) but you can also just enter the first few
letters of a name, eg "H", "Hy" and "Hym" will all return Hyman. There
aren't that many records for each cemetery and I searched for
firstname "H", surname "Y" for Plashet (no date). Have a look at the
names returned and see if maybe the date is wrong.

I've also found in the past that the online records aren't complete,
so you can ask the United Synagogue to see if they can help ( contact
details for the head of the Burial Society are on the website ). Though
Charles Tucker is still the record keeper, but I don't believe he is
involved with the burial records.

Tim Homewood

On 14 November 2017 at 01:01, Annie Fuchs lydgateaction@...
<jcr-uk@...> wrote:
The burial records for Plashett are mostly online. I want to visit a grave
there at some point so find the location of yours and let me know. It is a
closed cemetery with visiting by arrangement.

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