My Brick Wall: From Vilna to London #unitedkingdom

Peter Hills <petermurrayhills@...>

The first official record of my paternal gm was when she married my gf
Jacob Velonsky in 1905 in Westminster. Her maiden name was shown as
Rebecca Raymond and – according to the wedding authorisation- born
1880 in Vilna.

However it subsequently emerged >from contemporary inscriptions on the
back of photographs that her correct maiden name was probably Pruzhan
and – according to old family letters - that she had a twin brother
Laizer also born 1880 in Vilna.

I have a copy of the original Vilna birth record for Laizer but no
trace of a twin sister. In fact no trace of any birth, census,
passenger, school or naturalistion records for my gm prior to her

The old family clearly assumed she was a twin sister to Leizer but how
can I confirm that or otherwise when I cannot trace any official
records prior to her marriage despite researching for over 20 years?
Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you.

Peter Hills

London UK

Researching RAYMOND/RIMAN (Vilna and Soho), VELONSKY (Jurbarkas and
Soho) and PRUZHAN (Vilna).

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